Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not getting emails from the Lodge. What's up with that?
There are a number of reasons that emails may not be reaching you.  Here are the most common and some recommendations.

Your membership with the Occoneechee Lodge has lapsed.  
This may be for several reason, but typically fall into two categories:
  1. Your dues are more than 1 year past due.   After this time, your membership record is automatically marked as INACTIVE and emails are no longer send to INACTIVE members.
  2. Your BSA membership has lapsed.   The Lodge runs an annual audit of all OA members and periodically updates your BSA Registration status.  Once your BSA membership expires, it's not possible to also have you as a member of the BSA Honor Society.  Contact your unit leader, or the Council office for suggestions on ways to reactivate your BSA membership.
Your email provider or email program is blocking our email or marking it as SPAM. 
Check your SPAM or JUNK email folders for messages and mark our email as safe for future delivery.  Contact your email provider for assistance

You use an email filtering program like Earthlink SPAM blocker that requires messages to be approved before you see them.
Please mark message from the Occoneechee Lodge as safe.

Your email address changed.
Submit a support request through this system to update your contact information.  We can add multiple email addresses for each contact that include:  Home, Work, School, Mother, Father  

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